Facilities Design & Maintenance  (Factory establishment)

our consulting services include:  facility layout  (to utilize space available and maximize efficiency), machine recommendations, sourcing and setup, workflow analysis (a great option for a factory that is already up and going but would like to improve efficiency) and finally setup of production systems.    We offer these services locally within Portland, but can travel for a reasonable fee.

We also offer continued industrial sewing and other machine maintenance and repair to ensure your production runs smoothly.   Give us a call at: 503-857-3039 or email us at: info@davis-peterson.com to see if the machine you have is serviceable.

Have any questions?  call 503-857-3039 to get an idea if any of these services is right for you


Materials sourcing

Having trouble finding what you need?  Utilizing our sourcing experience can be a cost effective way of ensuring you get exactly what you're looking for at a price that fits your budget.  We are adept at sourcing fabrics, leather, hardware etc...any and all components needed to create your product.